Thursday, July 3, 2008

You're going to get full marks on your WHAT?!

Japanese people say the darndest things. This we know to be true, because somewhere on the internet it says so. However, the darndiosity of their comments does seem in direct positive correlation to how much English is used.

I have recently given all my students projects, whereby they must give me some form of creative writing every week. These are just some of the sentences my students have created this week:

Year 8 boy: 'I like MANCHESTER CITY, but I don't like MANCHESTER UNITED. I like ELANO, but I don't like Cristiano RONALDO. See you Mr Philip.'

Best student, total genius that boy. I'm teaching them well!

Year 8 boy: 'I am Taku. Not ken. Now I am ken. Hello everyone.'

Hello Ken. It continues.

'I play guitar. I want new Taku. Specimen!'

Ken, Taku, whoever you are, sort yourself out.

Year 8 girl: 'This is my friend Yui. PRETTY PRETTY. Shi is BEAUTIFUL. Shi is best best best! friend!'

awwwwwwww. Although she has previously claimed 'my best friend is angry lion', so don't know if she can be trusted.

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Year 9 boy (English Diary): Wednesday: teste! I'm going to get full marks on my testes.

I shouldn't really laugh though. I once (by accident) told a pretty japanese girl she had a big penis, and have on more than one occasion gone up to the counter of the supermarket and said 'I don't need an owl'. oops